WideStudio Features

WideStudio Features

WideStudio enables you to create a large GUI based application visually and viscerally, quick and easily by the following features.
  • Can create Applications using C/C++, Java(since v3.80-6), Perl (since v3.20), Ruby (since v3.20) or Python (since v3.20),Objective Caml(since v3.90-2)
  • Platform-independent integrated desktop application environment
  • Comes with MWT: Multi-platform Widget Toolkit
  • Runs as optimized, native binary on embedded devices, ubiquitous devices, home information appliance
  • Visualized Window Editor enables you to design Window arrangement
  • Automated source code generator in the application builder
  • Event-driven style minimizes source development
  • Project management feature eases development work
  • Automatic makefile generation and build feature
  • Extension class library build feature and class library import feature assure scalability
  • You can choose your favorite editor for coding with WideStudio
  • Multi-encoding feature absorbs encoding differences between platforms
    Various encoding systems such as EUC-JP,SJIS,EUC-KR,EUC-CN,UNICODE(UTF8) are supported
    Full-scaled platform-compatiple applicaitons, internationalized applications can be developed.
  • OpenGL library powered computer graphics (since v3.00)
  • j3w library powered computer graphics (since v3.00)
  • Remote instance feature that brings distributed computing environment (since v3.00)
  • Database linkage with ODBC component(since v3.00)

Application Builder Overview


OpenGL Support
OpenGL Demo

j3w Support
J3W Demo

Database Linkage Support
Database linkage Demo

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