WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

What is the Stored Application Window ?

You can store, or export, your application window by the application builder: It then called a "stored application window". A WideStudio application has the function to load the application window dynamically from the stored file, during execution.

This function results in the following.

  • Saving of memory, Speeding up start time

    Applications do not contain all of the application windows at the start, thus saving memory and speeding up start time. Display them by loading them from stored files.

  • Switching a part of application window

    An application can load the partially stored windows as data, and display it on its window as a part of the window. This function realizes to display and switch figures like an "Map","Drawing sheet" which is a partially stored window on the window of the application.

  • For easy maintenance

    You can share the stored window with other applications, and you can edit it directly, and the window of the application can be updated without compiling. It is a merit for maintenance of an application.
You can store an application window with the application builder. In addition to storing it, you can give the stored window attributes, then the application builder builds an executable which it excludes and stores automatically. The executable is loaded individually with the WSGFloadWindow() function during execution.

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