WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

What is the Class Application Window?

You can make more complicated objects using the C++ object classes of the WideStudio.

You can use a template class generated by the application builder, and it inherits the object class of WideStudio. Developers can define a new class by adding a new member function to it.

The class application window makes create a new object class easy.

  • Same development as a normal application window

    You can create and edit a class application window using the same methods of a normal one.

  • Definitions of new properties

    You can add a new property to the new class by using the dialog, and the application builder generates a source code for it automatically.

  • Class library construction

    The application builder can build a shared library for your new classes which can be used by other projects.

The following table shows the different ways to generate a new class.

Window derivation The application window becomes the base for a new class.
Composite derivation Several parts on the application window become the base for a new class.
Component derivation One object on the application window becomes the base for a new class.

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