WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Set link options

How to set libraries to link

Select ((menu:Project >> Project settings)) to set liking options, such as libraries to link.

[Linking options]

You can set the following options using "linking options" window.

  • Libraries

    Library option sets the path of libraries for linking. For a standard linker of UNIX, You can set the path as follows:

    -Lpath1 -Lpath2 ... -llibrary1 -llibrary2 ...

  • Linker flags

    "Linker flags option sets flags for linker.

  • Linker

    Linker option sets your favorite linker.

  • Debugger

    Debugger option sets your favorite debugger.

  • Runtime mode

    Runtime mode sets options for normal mode only.

  • Debug mode

    Debug mode sets options for debugging mode only.

  • Output file

    Output file displays the name of the executable file.

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