WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Set the project environment

Select ((menu:Project >> Project settings)) to set the environment of the project.

[Menu of project settings dialog]

You can set environment variables as follows.

  • Default value

    Specifies default values of the WideStudio instance such as window dimensions and so on.

  • Tools

    Specifies a terminal, a web browser and a source code editor.

  • Import libraries

    Specifies importing of libraries which contain new GUI objects. See section:[How to import libraries which supply new objects].

  • Compiler options

    Specifies options for the compiler, header path, which compiler to use, compilation mode.

  • Linker options

    Specifies options for the linker, library path, which library to link, which linker to use, which debugger to use.

  • Font settings

    Specifies fonts.

[Project settings dialog]

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