WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Create a new project, Delete / Save a project

See the project name

Look at the following figure for where to see the name of the current project. If it is blank, then no project is open.

[Project name]

Create a new project

Select ((menu:Project >> New project)), or click the following icon to create a new project.

[Creating a new project]

Then, a wizard dialog for the new project appears; input a project name and specify the type.

[Wizard for new project]

Save a project

Select ((menu:Project >> Save project)) to save.

[Saving a project]

Rename and save a project

Select ((menu:Project >> Rename project)) to rename the project and save it. Then a file selection dialog shows up so you can specify the file name which is used as the new project name.

[Renaming project]

Open an already created project

Select ((menu:Project >> Open project)) to open an existing, already created project.

[Opening a project]

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