WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

What is the Project?

A project is the basic unit for the administration of an application which a developer builds with the application builder. A project must be defined for an application in order to build it.

There are many windows and many event procedures in a typical application. The developer doesn't need to manage these source files one by one, for the project itself will do it as follows.

  • Administration of the program source compilation

    The project compiles the managed application windows and event procedures, and makes the application. There is a function for compiling the updated program sources and for rebuilding the loaded modules.

  • Administration of the application windows in the project

    You can add application windows to the project. The application builder generates corresponding program sources for them, and compiles them automatically.

  • Administration of the event procedures for the application windows

    The project manages the event procedures for application windows too. They are compiled automatically to become part of the application.

  • Administration of the working environment settings

    The project contains settings such as the default colors or window dimensions, path of the include files/libraries and compiler options.


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