WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

How to create/edit a function

How to create a template file for a function

You can create a template file of the function by clicking the [Template] button after filling the function name.

[Generating a template]

How to edit a function

Click the following icon, or double click the procedure name, Then, the text editor is activated, and you can edit the function.

[Editing of a function]

[A view of the editor which stood up]

How to specify your favorite editor

You can use your favorite editor with the environment settings window. Select ((menu:Project >> Project settings)), then select the [Environments] tab. Please enter the command line of your editor, arguments included.

[Representation of the environment settings window]

How to use a function which is in a library.

You can use a compiled function which is in a library for the event procedure. Do not select the item from the source but do as follows. In this case, the application builder links the library, but does not compile and link the object file of the function.

[Use a function from a library]

You need to specify a library which includes the object file of the function in the linker options window. See the section:[How to build the project].

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