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How to create / setup / delete event procedures

How to see the event procedures of the instance

It is the procedure window of the inspector which is used for creating the event procedures. Select ((menu:Edit >> Procedures >> List up)) or the [Procedures] tab of the inspector to display the procedure window.

[A view of the procedure window]

How to create an event procedure

Select the target instance for the event procedure on the inspector, then select ((menu:Edit >> Procedures >> New procedure)), or the following icon.

[Creating an event procedure]

Enter a name for the procedure, trigger and function, respectively, into the procedure setting window. Press the [Template] button if you want template code to be created for the function of the event procedure.

  • Procedure name:

    Enter the procedure name which is used to identify the event procedure.

  • Function name:

    Enter the name of a c++ function for the event procedure.

  • Trigger:

    Choose the trigger for executing.

[The settings of a new event procedure]

How to set up an event procedure

Select the event procedure as per the following picture, then select ((menu:Edit >> Procedures >> Properties)) or click the following icon to change the properties of the event procedure.

[The settings of the event procedure]

How to delete an event procedure

Select the event procedure to delete, then select ((menu:Edit >> Procedures >> Delete)) or click the following icon.

[Deleting the event procedure]

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