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There are four kinds of triggers as follows.

  • Change in the state of the instance

    It is fired by changing a state of the instance.

  • Mouse pointer event

    It is fired by the mouse being clicked, moved, and so on.

  • Keyboard event

    It is fired by the keyboard.

  • The others

Change of the state Description
WSEV_INITIALIZE instance is initialized.
WSEV_DELETE instance is released.
WSEV_ACTIVATE instance is activated.
WSEV_VALUE_CH value of the instance changes.
WSEV_VISIBLE_CH visibility of the instance changes.
WSEV_PARENT_VISIBLE_CH visibility of the parent instance changes.
WSEV_EXPOSE instance is exposed.
WSEV_RESIZE instance is resized.
WSEV_SENSITIVE_CH sensitivity of the instance changes.
WSEV_PARENT_SENSITIVE_CH sensitivity of the parent instance changes.

About the mouse pointer Description
WSEV_MOUSE_IN the mouse pointer comes into the area.
WSEV_MOUSE_OUT the mouse pointer goes away from the area.
WSEV_MOUSE_PRESS a mouse button is pressed.
WSEV_MOUSE_RELEASE a mouse button is released.
WSEV_MOUSE_MOVE the mouse pointer is moved over the area

About the keyboard Description
WSEV_FOCUS_CH the focus changes.
WSEV_KEY_PRESS a key is pressed.
WSEV_KEY_RELEASE a key is released.
WSEV_KEY_HOOK Hooking of the key event before dispatching.

The other Description

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