WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Use new classes imported fron a class libraries

You can use the new classes of import libraries on the application builder. Specify import libraries with the Project Setting dialog:[Imports] section, which pops up by selecting [Component] from the [View] menu or [Project settings] from the [Project] menu.

As you add them, you should specify the linking libraries on the [Linking] section of the dialog as well. See section: [How to specify libraries for linkage] for detail.

[View of the project setting dialog]

Push the [Add] button to add a import library, and specify it on the File Selection dialog which pops up. The import library is a dynamic link library for WideStudio.

[Importing a library]

[A library imported]

[A class which is in the imported library]

If you want change the imported library, select it on the Project Setting dialog, as the following figure shows. And press the [Delete] button to delete it, then add the new library you want.

[Deleting the imported library]

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