WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

How to rename the application window

There are two ways to rename the application window: The first way is to change the WSNname property on the Property Editor, the other is to change it in the [Attributes] section of the inspector.

[Choosing an application window to rename]

To change the name using the first method, select ((menu:Edit >> Properties)), or select the [Properties] tab on the inspector.

Now find the WSNname property and change it's value.

(Notice) The name of an application window is the same of the instance of a top-level window.

[The properties]

[Editing the name: WSNname property]

Using the second method, choose the [Attributes] tab on the inspector or choose ((menu:Edit >> Attributes)).

Under the attributes window, put the new name into the [Name] field and press the [Update] button.

(Notice) This is the same as changing the WSNname property of the instance.

[The attributes]

[Changing the name]

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