WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

How to Create/Save a New Application Window

You can create a new application window by selecting ((menu:File >> New Window)).

When the wizard dialog appears, type in the name of your new application window (default is newwin000), and then click "Finish" to create it. Your new application window is ready!

[Creating a new application window]

[The application window wizard (choice of type)]

[The application window wizard (fill the name of the window)]

[The application window wizard (select one from the templates)]

To save the application window, select it using the inspector. Then select ((menu:File >> Save Window)). An alternate method of saving your window is by right-clicking on the inspector and selecting the "Save" option.

To save all application windows open currently, select ((menu:File >> Save All))

The name of the saved file will have the form "[file name].win".

[Saving the application window]

[A warning dialog]

To save the application window under a different name, select ((menu:File >> Rename)).

[Renaming the application window]

The following is an example of how to rename a file:

[Input of a new file name]

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