WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

What Is an Application Window?

An "application window" is a window which is created by the application builder. The application builder manages and saves each individual application window unit. The followings show the different types of application windows created and managed by the application builder:

  • Normal application window

    This is the most commonly used application window. For this reason, we simply call it the "application window".

  • Class application window

    This window creates a new C++ class by integrating classes and event procedures. The advantage of using this type of window is that it promotes efficiency of development.

  • Stored application window

    This window is stored to an object file, where it can be called dynamically or even shared between multiple applications and processes. The advantage of this type of window is that it saves resources and allows reuse of a single design when writing several different modules or applications.

[An application window under construction...]

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