WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Creating an application window

On WideStudio, the window developed by user is referred as the "application window". Now create an application window for the application "Hello". Select ((menu:File >> New window)) and chose [Normal window] for the window type in the wizard dialog. Then, input the application name (default is "newwin000") in it and create window with "None" template.

[The wizard dialog for creating application window]

The ObjectBox dialog is used to put GUI instances onto the application window. In order to indicate it, select ((menu:View >> ObjectBox)), then a dialog will appear as in the following picture.

[The ObjectBox window]

In order to drag and drop a push button instance to the window, click the [Commands] index tab in the ObjectBox window, and drag the icon [BTN] (WSCvbtn/push button class) and drop it into the application window as in the following picture.

It is possible to edit the properties of the instance with the application builder. So let's change the size of the push button instance. Select the instance, click the [Properties] tab on the application builder, and set properties as follows.

  • Name: newvbtn_000

  • X: 10

  • Y: 10

  • Width: 200

  • Height: 30

  • Label string: push!
  • It becomes as in the following picture.

    [The application window "Hello" under construction]

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