WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

The name and function of the parts of the builder

With the application builder, the developer can configure the window of an application visually. The builder has the following panes, parts and windows.

  • Inspector

  • Source code viewer

  • Property editor

  • Event procedure editor

  • Window attribute editor

  • Inspector, Source code viewer

    The developer can confirm the structure of the instances on the application window in the Inspector. In addition by Source code viewer, the developer can see which instance has source codes for the event procedure.

    [The structure of the instances (left) and source codes (right)]

    Clicking an instance in the Inspector, it is selected. In the case [+]/[-] mark appears in the Inspector, the instance has child instances: by double clicking, it opens the instances and the children is shown on the instance tree.

    Property editor

    The instance of the WideStudio has internal variables as the properties which define the geometry, colors, shapes, types, and so on. Also these properties can be changed visually by Property editor of the application builder.

    [Changing values of the property by Property editor]

    Event procedure editor

    On the WideStudio, programming for event driven system is required. The developer puts some event procedures into instances with triggers. For example, an event procedure is associated with a button instance with ACTIVATE trigger. Then, clicking the instance activates the trigger is activated and the procedure is executed.

    [Add/edit/delete the event procedures by Event procedure editor (right)]

    Window attribute editor

    An instance has some attributes like instance definition type, and so on. The developer can edit them by Window attribute editor.

    [Editing the attributes by Window attribute editor (right)]

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