WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

What is the application builder?

The application builder is very strong and usable program, that draws out the maximum ability of WideStudio, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) for GUI applications. Application developers are released from complicated implementations of GUI applications by using the application builder of the WideStudio.

Specification of the application is as follows.

  • Making and managing the application window

    Making the application window with interactive operations, and their management is done automatically.

  • Implementation with the event procedure

    Minimum coding of applications by an event driven system. Developers prepare the event procedure and set them to the GUI objects.

  • Properties of the objects

    Developers can modify the properties of the objects with interactive operations.

  • Informations of the application

    Developers can refer the objects (the instances) and the event procedures, their properties, and other information by the application builder.

  • Management as project

    Management of application window files and event procedure files, is part of the environment for development and building by project unit.

  • Automatic building of the application

    It generates the makefile and c++ source codes of the application window, compiles and links them, and creates the executable.

  • Executing and debugging of the application

    It executes and debugs the built application.

  • Supporting of the class application window

    The class application window is used to build the application window as a new c++ class of the WideStudio. The application builder generates the class library by integrating the classes of the WideStudio, and makes it possible to use it from other applications.

  • Support of the stored application window

    The application builder is used to store whole or part of the application window to a file. It is also possible that applications can load it dynamically and share it while they are running. Treating objects as stored application windows is effective for applications which display some maps, drawings, and wiring diagrams.
The following shows the functions of application builder, and structure of the files.

[Outline of the application builder]

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