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Before accessing remote instances

The WideStudio application can access remote instances existing on a remote instance server, the same way as instances existing on that local computer.

First of all, in order to access remote instances, you will need to know the whereabouts of the remote instance on a computer by asking the agent.

An agent manages remote instances existing on a remote instance server.

Before accessing remote instances

Before accessing a remote instances, the WSCvremoteClient class is used. WSCvremoteClient class supports communication to the agent who manages remote instances.

Only actions to communicate with an agent are to be placed on the WSCvremoteClient existing in Object Box's NonGUI section on any given application window of the application.

How to access remote instances

Specifying a name, a remote instance can be accessed via a virtual remote instance given by object management. Please refer to Remote Instance Edition in the Programming Guide for more details.

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