WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Construct a Remote Instance Server

A remote instance server is no different from a usual WideStudio application and is to publicize remotely as usual instances existing within applications.

By publicizing as remote, the publicized instances are registered on the agent automatically to be accessed from external applications.

How to make an application a remote instance server

In order to get a WideStudio application to run as a remote instance server, the WSCvremoteServer class is used. The application can become a remote instance server by placing a WSCvremoteServer class instance in the Object Box's NonGUI section on any application window.

[WSCvremoteServer Placing]

How to publicize an instance as a remote instance

When you want to publicize an instance existing a WideStudio application to external, enable the "Export" property of the instance.

[Publicizing an instance as a remote instance]

How to start up an agent

Starting the agent that manages remote instances publicized on a remote instance server.

[Starting up the agent "wsagent"]

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