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What is the Remote Instance ?

WideStudio enables an instance existing on a remote computer running WideStudio to be called on, the same way as if it exists on the local computer. The remote instance feature covers the following:

  • Distributed Computing

    An instance (object) of the WideStudio application on a remote computer can be accessed in the same manner as an instance (object) on the local computer, for easy distributed computing. Large scale WideStudio applications can be designed with the functionality to separate tasks into multiple processes, each operating and collaborating with each other.

  • Seamless distribution over network

    Instances of the WideStudio on remote computers over a network can be seamlessly referred to without worrying their whereabouts. Agents running on each computer manage remote instances existing on their local systems and exchange information among other agents, keeping any remote instance whereabouts managed.

    WideStudio applications automatically access remote instances without allocating to their whereabouts, plugging into the correct remote instances.

  • Fault tolerance improvement

    WideStudio applications can be run with multiplexing. For example, when one application out of the multiplex goes down, an agent detects it and interchanges the remote instance with another WideStudio on a remote computer.

    As for the WideStudio application, it can access the remote instance without being aware of its exchange by multiplexing.
Accessing a remote instance is performed by using a remote instance acquired with an object management, in the same way of accessing an usual instance acquired by WSCGIappObjectList() object management.

In calling a remote instance existing on the same computer, the agent running on the same computer obtains a remote instance to be called.

In calling a remote instance existing on a remote computer, the agents running on each computer exchange information of remote instances to get and be called.

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