WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Settings After Installation

Settings on Windows

The installer of the WideStudio sets up environment variables; no user interaction is required, except for rebooting after installation of the WideStudio in order to refresh the environment.

Setting the environment variables on a UNIX system

The following environment variables have to be set up to get the WideStudio ready after installing it.

WSDIR Installation directory of the WideStudio
PATH Binary directory of the WideStudio
LD_LIBRARY_PATH Shared library directory of the WideStudio

If the environment variable "WSDIR" is not set, the application builder treats it as having the following value.

OS Default value
Windows C:/Program Files/WideStudio/ws/
Linux /usr/local/ws/
SunOS /opt/ws/
other UNIXs /usr/local/ws/

For example, in case the installation directory is "/export/home/ws", set the environment variables as follows.

Note: xxxxx in the list shows the value before modification.

in csh setenv WSDIR /export/home/ws
setenv PATH xxxxxx:/export/home/ws/bin
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH xxxxxx:/export/home/ws/lib
in sh WSDIR="/export/home/ws"; export WSDIR
PATH="xxxxxx:/export/home/ws/bin"; export PATH

Add these settings above to the file ".cshrc" (for use with csh) or ".profile" (for use with sh), and reflect it by logging out or executing rehash command (in csh) to update the values. See the shell manuals for the details of setting of shell environment variables.

The other files on a UNIX system

The files which are used by the application builder are as follows. These files are automatically created by the application builder in the home directory.

File name Description
.wsrc Settings of Look and Feel, default colors.
.wsbuilderrc Editor, browser
.wsbuilder_defaults Information of the application builder

The "wsreset" command can be used to reset these files in order to initialize the settings when some files have wrong values.

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