WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Building and installing WideStudio

Building and installing on a UNIX system

Start by downloading the source code and online manual from the WideStudio web site; unpack it as follows.

Notice: vX.X stands for the version of the WideStudio.

On Linux:

  cd /tmp
  tar -zsxvf ws-vX.X.tar.gz
  cd /usr/local/ws
  tar -zsxvf ws-vX.X-doc.tar.gz

On Solaris:

  cd /tmp
  gzip -cd ws-vX.X.tar.gz | tar -moxvf -
  cd /opt/ws
  gzip -cd ws-vX.X-doc.tar.gz | tar -moxvf -

There are several targets to build in WideStudio, such as the runtime libraries, the debugging libraries and so on. The runtime libraries are for normal use, and the debugging libraries are for debugging applications or developing the WideStudio.

Notice: "ws" in the examples below indicates the directory where the WideStudio has been installed.

Notice: Sometimes compile errors will occur due to differences in the machine environment. In such case, edit the file: ws/sys/config/mkfiles to configure the compiler flags, the include path, the library path and so on, to avoid compile errors.

In the case of FreeBSD, use the command "gmake" instead of "make".

To build all:

  cd ws/src

To build the runtime libraries and the application builder:

  cd ws/src
  make runtime

To build only the runtime libraries for debugging:

  cd ws/src
  make debug

After the building, make sure that the application builder is in ws/bin/. Then execute the following command as super user to install it.

  cd ws/src
  make install

Installing with the binary RPM package on the Linux operating system

Install with the binary rpm package is easy. It does not require building the source code. Execute the following command as super user to install it.

Notice: vX.X stands for the version of the WideStudio.

rpm -i ws-runtime-vXXXX.i386.rpm

WideStudio will be installed in the directory /usr/local/ws. The rpm package of the WideStudio requires some C++ runtime library rpm package. If you get some error like [libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 not found], you have to install it too.

Installing on Windows operating system

Start by unpacking the downloaded zip file; you get a directory "wsinst". In order to install, execute "setup.exe" in that directory. The following wizard dialog will show up, then specify the install directory.

[The setup wizard dialog of the WideStudio]

Next, specify your favorite Web browser.

[Settings of the Web browser]

Next, specify your favorite source code editor.

[Settings of the source code editor]

Next, it indicates the license agreement of the WideStudio and GNU, and installing is done. Reboot your computer (this is necessary).

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