WideStudio Application Builder User's Guide

Multi Encoding

WideStudio supports many coding systems such as Unicode(UTF8), EUCJP, and SJIS. WideStudio can deal with the encoding independently to the encoding on each platform so; for example, EUCJP applications built on Linux can also run on Windows with EUCJP codes without any modifications. By specifying the LANG environment variable, WideStudio understands the coding system that the system uses for the keyboard input, and converts automatically. It also enable us to transform coding systems for external data file I/O.

[WideStudio Encoding]

[Example of displaying EUCJP code on Windows]

Also, users can develop an internationalized application using Unicode.

[Displaying an Unicode text in some languages]

WideStudio supports the following encoding systems.

The encoding  
ISO8859_1 European
ISO8859_2 Eastern European
ISO8859_3 Turkish,Esperanto
ISO8859_4 Baltic
ISO8859_5 iso8859-5
ISO8859_6 Arabic
ISO8859_7 Greek
ISO8859_8 Hebrew
ISO8859_9 Turkish
ISO8859_10 Baltic2
ISO8859_13 ISO8859(13)
ISO8859_14 ISO8859(14)
ISO8859_15 European 2
KOI8R KOI8 Russian
EUCJP EUC Japanese
SJIS SJIS Japanese
BIG5 BIG5 Chinese

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