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How to select the key events on the input field

You can select or reject/convert the key events on the input field with the event procedure by the WSEV_KEY_HOOK trigger.

# A WSEV_KEY_HOOK sample procedure.
# Set the input field with the WSEV_KEY_HOOK trigger.

def hookop(object):
  # get the pressed key code.
  key = mpfc.WSGIappKeyboard().getKey();
  if  ((key >= mpfc.WSK_0    and key <= mpfc.WSK_9   ) or
       (key >= mpfc.WSK_KP_0 and key <= mpfc.WSK_KP_9) or
        key == mpfc.WSK_plus      or key == mpfc.WSK_minus  or
        key == mpfc.WSK_BackSpace or key == mpfc.WSK_Delete or key == mpfc.WSK_Insert or
        key == mpfc.WSK_space     or key == mpfc.WSK_Up     or key == mpfc.WSK_Down   or
        key == mpfc.WSK_Left      or key == mpfc.WSK_Right  or key == mpfc.WSK_Return ):
    # dispatches..
  # Reject the other.

This sample of the input field shows how to choose the key event. mpfc.WSGIappKeyboard().setKey(0) reject the key event which you do not need.

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