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The sample of the event procedures for WSCvifield

Executing some event procedures by return key

You can execute the specified procedures in the event procedure. Here, the following sample shows executing the procedure which name is "InputFixed".

// A sample of WSEV_KEY_HOOK trigger.
public class chop {
  protected static void chop(WSCbase object){
    // (A)Get the pressed key.
    long key = Mpfc.WSGIappKeyboard().getKey();
    // (B)If the key is return..
    if (key == Mpfc.WSK_Return){
      // Execute the procedure which name is "InputFixed".

This procedure sometimes is used to execute some procedure on the end of key input.

Clearing the last input string on starting of next input

Here, you create a procedure which clears the last input string on starting of the next. the procedure clears the string the first key input since the input field instance is focused or clicked by the mouse pointer. The clear process is as follows:

// in focus_ch.java
// To contain the last focused input field.
public class focus_ch {
  static WSCbase focus_if = null;
  // A sub-procedure with WSEV_FOCUS_CH
  protected static void focus_ch(WSCbase object){
    // (A) Examine whether the instance is focused.
    if (focus_if != null &&
        focus_if.getInstanceName() != object.getInstanceName() &&
       object.getFocus() != Mpfc.False){

      // (B)It need to clear the string!
      // Set the clear flag True.
      object.setVariantData("CLEAR TIMING",1);
      // (C)store that the last focused one is.
      focus_if = object;

//in btn_press.java
//(2)A sub-procedure with WSEV_MOUSE_PRESS
public class btn_press {
  protected static void btn_press(WSCbase object){
    // (D)  if clicked by the mouse pointer,
    //  it needs to clear the string!
    //  Set the clear flag True
    object.setVariantData("CLEAR TIMING",1);
    // (E) store that the last focused one is.
    focus_ch.focus_if = object;

//in key_hook.java
// (3)A sub-procedure with WSEV_KEY_PRESS
public class key_hook {
  protected static void key_hook(WSCbase object){
    // (F) See the clear flag to clear the last input string.
    WSCvariant fl = object.getVariantData("CLEAR TIMING");
    if (fl.getLong() == 1){
      long key = Mpfc.WSGIappKeyboard().getKey();
      //(G) Clear the string,if the key is not cursor key.
      if (key != Mpfc.WSK_Tab &&
          key != Mpfc.WSK_Up &&
          key != Mpfc.WSK_Down &&
          key != Mpfc.WSK_Left &&
          key != Mpfc.WSK_Right){
        // (H)Clear...
    // (I)Set the clear flag False.
    object.setVariantData("CLEAR TIMING",0);

//in ifdclr.java
// The main-procedure.
// (4)Set the input field instance with WSEV_INITIALIZE trigger.
public class ifdclr {
  protected static void ifdclr(WSCbase object){
    // Setup the sub-procedure(1) with WSEV_FOCUS_CH

    // Setup the sub-procedure(2) with WSEV_MOUSE_PRESS

    // Setup the sub-procedure(3) with WSEV_KEY_PRESS

In the focus_ch event procedure, To examine the instance is focused afresh, It uses the static variable which is stored the last focused instance.

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