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How to get the children of the instance

You can get the children which the instance contains with the following method.

The method Description
WSCbase getChildInstance( string ) Returns the child by the instance name

How to get the child by the specified name

You can get the child by the specified name with the method: getChildInstance()

let event_procedure obj =
  (* get the child which name is "newvbtn_001" *)
  let child = obj -> getChildInstance ("newvbtn_001") in
  if (get_int (child) <> 0) then
    (* the child exists. *)
    ignore(child -> setVisible ( _True ));

let _ = Callback.register "event_procedure" event_procedure

In the example, getChildInstance() seeks the child which name is "newvbtn_001" from the instance: "obj" recursively, and returns it if finds or returns nil if not.

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