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How to create/delete the instances

How to create the instance

You can create the instance with the method: WSCbase::getNewInstance().

  let cname = "WSCvlabel" in
  let iname = "vlabel001" in
  (* parent: The parent instance which has new instance. *)

  (* create a new instance. *)
  let obj = _WSCbase_getNewInstance '( (make_string cname), (parent),(make_string iname) )
  ignore(obj -> init ());             (* initialize the instance. *)
  obj -> clear ();
  obj -> setProperty ("x",100);
  obj -> setProperty ("y",100);
  obj -> setProperty ("width",100);
  obj -> setProperty ("height",100);
  obj -> setVisible (_True);

You have to call initialize() to initialize before calling the other methods of the created instance.

How to delete the instance

You can destroy the instance with the global function: WSGFdestroyWindow().

  (* destroy the instance. *)
  _WSGFdestroyWindow '(obj);

Do not call WSGFdestroyWindow() with the same instance twice, and do not access the destroyed instance, because it causes a fatal memory error.

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