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How to draw the instances

You can use the following methods to draw the instances.

To control drawing Description
setAbsoluteDraw(Boolean) Sets the flag of forced drawing.
draw() draws if needs.
redraw() clears and draws
cdraw() draws the instance and its children.
clear() clears the instance.
update() draws if needs.

How to update the instance

Usually, it executes updating the instance at the end of the event procedures. If you want to update at once, you can it with the method: update().

public class event_procedure {
  protected static void event_procedure(WSCbase object){
    //change a property.
    object.setProperty("labelString","new text");

The method: update() updates the instance, if it needs to reflect the change of the properties.

How to draw the instance

There are following cases to draw the instances.

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