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How to access to the GUI instances

In the event procedures, It Is the most fundamental to access to the instances. So I will explain the various kinds of accessing the instance in this section.

Accessing of the instance by the parameter of the event procedure

public class event_procedure {
  protected static void event_procedure(WSCbase object){
  // accessing the instance.
    object.setProperty("labelString","HELLO WORLD");

the pointer: object is the instance which is the client of the event procedure that fired. the type is WSCbase*, so you can access the method of WSCbase, but you must cast the pointer by the method:cast() to access the other subclass: see the chapter of casting sub class.

Accessing of the instance by using the instance management

The instance management returns the instance by name.

The instance management class The instance acquisition method
WSCbaseList WSCbaseList Mwt.WSGIappObjectList()

To access of the instance as follows:

public class event_procedure {
  protected static void event_procedure(WSCbase object){
    //Acquisition of the instance(1)
    WSCbase obj = Mwt.WSGIappObjectList().getInstance(
                       "WSCvlabel",       // Seek from the instance of WSCvlabel
                       "newvlab_001");    // the instance name is newvlab_001

    obj.setProperty("labelString","HELLO WORLD");

    // Acquisition of the instance(2)
    WSCbase obj2 = Mwt.WSGIappObjectList().getInstance(
                       "WSCbase",         // Seek from all the instances.
                       "newvlab_002");    // the instance name is newvlab_002

    obj2.setProperty("labelString","HELLO WORLD");

The variable: object is the sought instance by the specified class name and the specified instance name. If you do not want to specify the class name, you can pass "WSCbase", it seeks from all the instances.

Accessing of the global instance directly

Make the instance global,you can access it directly. See the chapter [Setting of global instance] of Application Builder User's Guide to make it global.

public class event_procedure {
  protected static void event_procedure(WSCbase object){
    // Access the instance of WSCvlabel*: newvlab_001
    newwin000.newvlab_001.setProperty("labelString","HELLO WORLD");

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