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The class: WSCbase has these triggers as follows.
Name Type Defined Value
None Not occurs WSEV_NONE
INITIALIZE When the instance is initilized. WSEV_INITIALIZE
DELETE When the instance is released. WSEV_DELETE

Specification of the triggers

  • WSEV_NONE (Not occurs.)
    It does not occurs by the Wide Studio event loop.
    It only occurs by the function call: execProcedure() of user .
  • WSEV_INITIALIZE (When the instance is initialized.)
    It will be executed once after the event procedures are added with this trigger.
    It is not strictly when the instance is created.
  • WSEV_DELETE (When the instance is deleted)
    It occurs when the instance is deleted.
    You may not access the methods of the instance except for getUserData(),because it occurs after the destructor is called.

Document Release 3.20

For use with Wide Studio Release 3.20, Spring 2003

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