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The Forms manages the client region of the parent window by allowing other objects to be placed on it. Objects on a Form move along as the Form moves. Also, when a Form is displayed, the objects on it appear too.

  • WSCform

    Used for a general Form. This Form provides coordinates dependent from the parent window, and raises a resize event. When a resize event is raised, an event procedure for that event allows for complex replacing which is difficult for users to do by only setting anchor properties.

  • WSCscrForm

    Form with scrolling function. Useful for handling an area larger than the actual window size. Use Scroll bar to scroll the area. You can set various properties such as the size of the area, the scrolling unit and so on.

  • WSCsform

    Form with a separator to separate regions. This separator has a mouse scaling to decide the size of the area.

  • WSCindexForm

    Form with indexing tab. Select an index to show the corresponding area. This form appears as if it has multiple layers.

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